Keep an eye out for our Westpac helicopter patrolling Victorian beaches this summer

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Microflite’s firebird helicopters and pilots are staged across seven locations in Victoria and Tasmania

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Australian summer days means more opportunities for you to capture
the perfect shot.

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Microflite Airwork provides a range of airborne applications, from aerial filming and surveillance, to fire suppression and search and rescue. You can rely on our highly-trained pilots and superior fleet to exceed your expectations.

You can rely on our skilled pilots and high-performance fleet to undertake a range of airborne applications, from aerial filming and photography, firefighting, crane, and search and rescue.

Microflite are a respected provider of aerial work services throughout Australia, with expertise in filming, photography, fire management and fuel reduction, and search and rescue. Our versatile fleet provides the perfect aerial platform for both handheld and gyro-stabilised cameras, and we are noted for the excellence of our aerial filming and photography products. We are the trusted partner to a wide range of Government and private corporations in aerial survey tasks, and our sophisticated surveillance system enhances the effectiveness of all aerial observation tasks.

Our helicopters provide cost-effective, accurate and versatile lifting capabilities, and we are ready to respond to a range of emergency situations. Microflite take pride in always achieving the highest levels of service and responsiveness, and we have developed systems and processes that comply with legislation and mandated work practices. All clients are guaranteed clear and consistent communication, and a systemised process of management for each and every job.

Our dedicated Operations, Quality and Safety Managers oversee all of Microflite’s contractual obligations and operations. Our Chief Pilot and qualified Training and Checking personnel maintain a comprehensive syllabus to ensure our pilots develop and maintain their skills to the highest degree.

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