We have extensive experience in enabling photographers across a range of industries to take their perfect shot.

Camera operators working in news gathering, real estate, infrastructure development, construction and aerial survey have all relied on our fleet to provide the perfect aerial platform. Our helicopters are equipped with three or four-bladed rotor systems to provide stability and reduce vibration, and our highly-skilled pilots are trained to fly in all conditions, day and night. To ensure rapid response in developing situations, our aircraft can depart from our convenient CBD and Moorabbin locations, and our helicopters are equipped with sliding doors to allow rapid transit to location and uninterrupted visibility of the target.

Sliding doors allow rapid deployment and uninterrupted views

Aircraft are available at short notice

Pilots are trained to fly day and night

Photographer's harnesses can be provided

Available for jobs of any duration

Three-bladed aircraft for smooth operation

Our Specialty Aerial Photography Fleet


What our clients are saying...

The art of aerial photography can be a complex process of planning, coordination and weather forecasting.

To achieve the best results for my clients I have come to rely on the experienced team at Microflite for all of my helicopter needs. They understand the requirements for high end photography and film work and always go out of their way to accommodate my demanding project briefs.

With their large fleet of state of the art helicopters and team of talented pilots I always know that I’m in good hands. Microflite’s safety, professionalism and attention to detail have made them my number one team for air work and I always look forward to flying with them.

- Andrew Griffiths, Lensaloft Aerial Photography