Fire Management

Microflite has over 10 years of experience in all aspects of aerial fire management and suppression.

We currently operate 7 aircraft on contract during fire seasons in Victoria and Tasmania, and our fleet is used to augment fire management services across Australia.

Our highly-trained pilots fly hundreds of hours of fire suppression missions each year over a range of terrain types, and our powerful fleet is maintained to an extremely high standard allowing immediate deployment in developing situations. Our aircraft are capable of delivering loads of water and foam to discrete targets using belly tanks, Bambi and FAST buckets on long (150ft and 100ft) and short (30ft) lines, according to terrain requirements and local laws.

A fleet of 10 aircraft dedicated to fire management and suppression missions

Ready at a moment's notice to tackle Victorian and interstate operations

Our highly trained pilots and versatile fleet meet all NAFC requirements

We provide aerial drip-torch and incendiary dropping expertise for fuel reduction and fire prevention.

Our sophisticated aerial intelligence gathering system is based around the cutting-edge Wescam MX-10 surveillance turret, an impressive tool that has proved invaluable in fire suppression tasks. This powerful technology uses colour and infrared filming, real-time linking capabilities and integrated mapping to pinpoint fire boundaries, identify hot spots, and target areas under ember attack.


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Management Systems

We operate a comprehensive Safety Management System designed in accordance with all CASA and
ICAO requirements, including risk identification and management and an Emergency Response Plan.

Our integrated management systems include an OHS Management System and pilot rostering in accordance with CAO 48.1 Instrument 2013 Appendix 5.

Microflite is in the process of becoming a CASA approved CAR 217 organisation for check and
training and is an approved CASR Part 141 training organisation.

This allows us to provide pilot ratings for low level flight, aerial application
(helicopter fire fighting) and sling/longline training and ratings. It Microflite pilots are highly
skilled and trained in accordance with all CASA requirements.

Aircraft Features

  • Emergency Locator Transmitters

  • Energy-absorbing seats with upper body restraints

  • All required PPE including helmets, nomex flight suits, gloves and EPIRB

  • TCAS and VEMD to reduce pilot workload

  • Wire strike protection

  • High-visibility painted blades

  • High intensity position lights

  • Strobing lights

  • Sirens and public address systems

  • Spidertracks satellite tracking

Pilot Credentials

  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)

  • Drug and Alcohol Management Plans (DAMP)

  • Low level flight in a wire environment

  • Basic wildfire awareness

  • Fatigue awareness and management

  • Low level crew resource management

Specialised Equipment