In addition to our helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, we own and operate a number of pieces of cutting-edge technology, including the Wescam MX-10 surveillance turret.

Wescam MX-10

Microflite are the only non-government owner and operator of a complete Wescam MX-10 multi-camera and multi-sensor stabilised surveillance turret.

This system simultaneous films in both colour and infrared, offers the ability for you to see what the helicopter sees in real time, and can be integrated with mapping software for pinpoint location accuracy. All of the essential sensors and hardware are contained in the one robust turret that is attached to the front of the helicopter. This compact system is fast to install and may be operated by only one crew member. High definition monitors are installed for the operator, pilot, and observer. With quad-screen-capable viewing the operator can instantly view the output from each sensor simultaneously.