Precision Mapping

Receive accurate GPS, altitude and tracking information of both the aircraft and target locations. Pinpoint targets precisely with the integrated eye-safe Laser Range Finder. Be mission ready and informed with accurate real time information of aircraft, field of view and target representation – all this overlaid on a range of moving maps specific to your operation.

The intelligent MX-10 system generates a plethora of data that is integrated and recorded for every mission. This information can be viewed instantly on board and analysed post flight.

At all times the aircraft location, heading and altitude are recorded on screen and to a flash drive for later analysis. However, the most astounding feature of this system is how it accurately calculates the exact location of the target at which the camera is pointed, displaying GPS and elevation information. The extreme accuracy of the elevation information is achieved with the Laser Range Finder.

Laser Range Finder (LRF)

The LRF is an eye safe laser which allows the internal navigation unit of the MX-10 to determine the precise location of the target identified by the boresight (crosshair) on screen. The camera operator controls the firing of the Laser from the system hand controller. The instant Laser return provides exact target location (available as GPS or MGRS co-ordinates), elevation (in feet or metres) and distance from the aircraft. The LRF has an accurate operating range of between 50 metres and 20 kilometres.

Alternative position data can be obtained using a Digital Terrain Elevation Model provided by our integrated mapping system, or by manual entry of data points.

Mapping Software

Microflite’s unique mapping and mission software is easily integrated into the MX-10 solution. This integrated software simultaneously displays accurate aircraft, camera field of view and target information overlaid on a wide range of commercially available moving maps. The cameras capability of highlighting its field of view on the map enables the operator to provide relevant and practical guidance to ground staff.

The map can be centred on the aircraft or on the target identified in the camera boresight. An address lookup feature allows for the physical address of the location or user assigned point to be immediately displayed on screen. User specific maps and Points Of Interest (POI) can also be integrated before, during or after flight.

With a suitable airborne link the mapping and mission software can be networked to additional operators and observers on the ground. This creates a unique ability for POI to be viewed or generated by either party.

Instant reports on selected POI containing relevant task data and images are easily generated as a PDF, which can be saved or distributed even whilst in flight.

Full mission video and data is available at the end of the flight. All data collected is downloadable in formats recognised by most Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and commercial mapping software.