System Overview

Observe, locate, record and analyse. The powerful, compact and complete surveillance system.

Technologies of the sophistication and versatility of the Wescam MX-10 have long been the purview of the Military and Law enforcement. As the only operator in Australia to own and operate the Wescam MX-10 multi-sensor gyro-stabilised surveillance turret, Microflite Helicopter Services can now supply civilian concerns with a complete package including aircraft, camera turret and operator, to provide extremely high quality intelligence for both day and night operations over land or sea.

The Equipment

All of the essential sensors and hardware are contained in the one robust turret that is attached to the front of the helicopter. This compact system is fast to install and capable of being operated by only one crew member. High definition monitors are installed for the operator, pilot, and observer. With quad-screen capable viewing the operator can instantly view the output from each sensor simultaneously.

The visual clarity obtained from the 3 cameras sensors in this unit is second to none. Click here for more information on the detailed imagery.

Be mission ready and informed with accurate real time aircraft, field of view and target representation which can be overlaid on screen and combined with a range of moving maps specific to your operation.


Oversee the mission in real time using a variety of linking technologies including microwave, satellite and private data networks. Follow the operation, view immediate results and make informed decisions whilst the helicopter is still in flight.


Missions are recorded on board the helicopter as locally stored video and data files. Video footage is recorded to solid-state Compact Flash media with options for both clean and data overlaid vision to be archived. Mapping data, as well as points of interest, are recorded onboard the mission computer for post flight viewing and analysis. When coupled with a powerful linking system, these product have the ability to be transmitted in real time to operational control rooms and observers.


Highly trained and experienced in-house crew will utilise the technologies to deliver a high quality, information rich product customized to the task at hand.  The system is driven from a simple, easy to use hand controller that provides immediate access to the many of the systems important features.  For flights in which mapping and mission software is utilised, an additional operator is dedicated to ensuring the accuracy and quality of the data capture.

Capable Aircraft

Our versatile and technologically advanced camera system can be mounted upon many of the aircraft in our fleet – EC120, AS350, AS355 NP and EC135. This ensures that we can provide the perfect combination of aircraft and surveillance system for the task, day or night.

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