Corporate and Social Responsibility

Microflite enjoy being actively involved in the community and take pride in trying to make a positive difference to the lives of people in need.

Caring for our community

We make direct financial and product donations to community groups, individuals and services that improve the lives of Australians. We donate over $60,000 per annum to worthy causes including medical research, community groups and initiatives, and services that benefit the public.

Microflite was instrumental in the design and implementation of the Fly Neighbourly Agreement currently in force in the Melbourne CBD.

Our fire management work protects lives and property around Australia, and we make helicopters available immediately for search and rescue missions. We offer facilities at our headquarters for situational management or staging.

We engage with government and private organisations to promote spectacular destinations, as well as outstanding tourism services and providers.

Caring for the environment

Our fleet includes low-noise aircraft to minimise impact on your neighbours.

We work to minimise our impact on the environment and build our facilities to meet high energy star ratings.

We wash our aircraft in rainwater, maintain a comprehensive recycling program, and use low-energy lighting.