With an external load capacity of up to 1200kg, our helicopters provide cost-effective, accurate and versatile lifting capabilities when traditional crane equipment is not an option.

From lifting air conditioning units, aerials and masts onto rooftops, to remote area resupply, all operations are conducted to the highest levels of professionalism and safety. Safety is always a priority when undertaking lifting work, and this is ensured through client meetings, a thorough site survey and a comprehensive safety analysis. Microflite can provide trained ground staff and safety equipment, as well as specialist riggers familiar with helicopter lifting operations.

Long line (150ft or 100ft) or short line (30ft) operations

Go where traditional cranes can not

Specialist experienced riggers can be arranged

Ground crew and safety equipment provided

External load capacity of up to 1200kg

Our fleet is available all year round

What our clients are saying...

We were amazed at the efficiency and co-ordination that Microflite were able to provide. From initial safety induction, lifting procedure and post install consultation, we were successfully able to land all seventeen of our mechanical units on the factory roof within 90 minutes!

- Matt Payne, PJM Engineering Services - Engineering Manager